mission & vision

We advocate that all conservationist and sportsmen humanly harvest invasive species . Education put into action is our way of tackiling this large complex problem.


Tens of thousands of sportsmen have removed hundreds of thousands of invasive species  due to our educational efforts. Consider joining our efforts  by simply harvesting one exotic at a time.

Our founder

​Conservation in Action !

RR is an avid conservationist, free lance writer, Husband, Father and business owner. He has been a board member of such diverse groups as the Native Fish Conservancy, Heartline for Haiti, North American Native Fish association and local sport clubs. He has made dozens of trips overseas doing humanitarian work after natural disasters. His diverse background has led to our unique and balanced approach to conservation.


recent programs

Our educational efforts have resulted in countless media moments, Carp cakes using carp as zoo feed. we have begun production on educational videos that will be available for free  etcon the web.

Robert Rice

Carpbuster's History



There is way more  than we could put on this site but suffice it to say we have been the catalyst of many of the invasive removal programs in this country and abroad.